WATCH: Biden’s Creepy Press Conference

Biden just keeps bringing us weird creepy moments nearly every press conference. It would be entertaining to watch Dementia Joe if he wasn’t the actual leader of the free world.

While answering a question at a press conference, Biden leaned forward into the mic and started whispering his answer. Not only was this inappropriate and weird for a press conference, but it was also another chilling moment.

It’s not just the whispers, it’s the unhinged look in his eyes as he says it. “I wrote the bill, on the environment.”

“Heeeerreee’s Joe!” You can almost hear it in his voice!

Liberals who got mad about tweets, think a President doing this weird stuff at a press conference is completely fine. Of course. They’ll find anything at all to get mad about when it’s a Republican but when it’s their side, anything at all goes.

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