VIDEO: Immigrant Invasion Is Spiraling Out Of Control

Journalists from Frontline America caught a group of immigrants crossing the border during a live video. Before running across actual people, they found what appears to be some sort of dumping ground.

There are tons of pairs of brand new shoes, IDs, and money all tossed aside before crossing over. Ben Bergquam, who filmed the discovery, asks why these things are being dumped if immigrants are so poor?

Shortly after, they watch a group of at least 20-30 people climbing out of a river. Just tons and tons of people coming to our country illegally.

Democrats want to pretend that very few illegals come over. All the video evidence from this past year shows that’s a flat out lie. They want more and more to come and they keep making it easier on them. It’s a slow invasion of America and no one is really doing anything about.

Share this article with every liberal you know and see if they really stand for what they preach. Their media doesn’t show them the reality of the border crisis.

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