WATCH: Ohio Man Jumps From 6th Floor Balcony – Here’s Why

Nobody wants to be sentenced. Donald Mullins most of all.

Mullins, 44, was convicted of assaulting an 82-year-old man as he stole $400 from his pocket.

If that makes you cringe and feel sad, you’re not alone. But this next part may make you chuckle silently.

Mullins was caught via DNA from a cookie left on the scene. That’s right. Cookies and robbery go hand in hand for bad-boy-Mullins.

Jokes aside, Mullins was so distraught over his 4-6 year sentence that he wriggled free from cops, ran outside the courtroom, and jumped off the 6th floor balcony.

In the original video, which YouTube has removed, Mullins is seen dragging himself through a pool of his own blood 6 floors below. He suffered a broken leg and a smashed face.

Here, you can see Mullins jump.

Cops were able to apprehend him before he crawled too far.

He will now face an additional charge of escaping custody.