What Illinois Democrats Are Doing To The 2nd Amendment Will Anger You

House Democrats from Illinois want law-abiding gun owners to surrender fingerprints and pay higher fees for the Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) cards.

This blatant gun-grab is called House Bill 1091, and it just passed in the State House. And to make matters worse, Democrats are already gaslighting anyone opposed to this unconstitutional bill:

Democrat state Rep. Maura Hirschauer painted the bill as a pursuit of “safety,” but Republican state Rep. Tony McCombie countered, saying, “This is not…about public safety. It’s just another gun grab in Illinois.”


Since Democrats can’t outright eliminate the 2nd Amendment, they attack our constitutionally protected gun rights inch by inch.

When will the Dems, including Biden, stop treating gun owners like criminals? What guns we decide to purchase are none of their business.