Who Do You Want As The Next House Speaker? Trump or Pelosi?

In Other News

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) officially announced his intent to step in for the recently removed Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), emphasizing unity in a message to fellow lawmakers.

“My approach to leadership is well-known to you all,” he expressed.

“I’ve consistently managed to unite various perspectives within our Conference, achieving consensus where many deemed it unattainable.”

Having held GOP leadership roles since 2014, Scalise acknowledged the recent tumult in the House, especially after a group of eight GOP members supported Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-Fla.) bid to dethrone McCarthy.

“We’re here committed to preventing our nation from veering down a perilous route. We didn’t come to Washington to bicker over trivialities, leaving our families behind,” Scalise emphasized.

Highlighting the urgency of passing essential bills, Scalise pointed out, “We must act promptly on these pivotal issues.” He also alluded to the ongoing investigations steered by several House committees, insisting the group maintain their attention on holding a questionable administration accountable.

“We thrive when unified. Our past successes show that when we come together, we can achieve milestones for the citizens. It’s time we channel this collective strength to gain conservative victories against the Democratic Senate and the Executive branch, especially with crucial deadlines looming,” he elaborated.

“While keeping our expectations grounded, unity will empower the House to clinch significant victories in the upcoming policy battles.”