WOKE ATTACK: Singer Wins Award That Nobody Should Win

United States flag cracking

In an already divided nation, the “woke wars” have taken another ridiculous turn, this time in the form of R&B singer Macy Gray.

She is trying to create an atmosphere of chaos and division by calling our nation’s flag- the proud red, white, and blue – a racist symbol.

On Thursday, the Grammy-winning singer shared an op-ed on MarketWatch that said the current flag serves as a “replacement” to the Confederate flag, which she called “a symbol of opposition to the abolishment of slavery.”

She continued, calling the flag “tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect” and claiming that “it no longer represents democracy and freedom.”

Gray called into question the symbolism of the colors on the current American flag and the number of stars, suggesting that 62 years after it was designed, it’s time to “reset” the flag.

Fox News

Someone should remind Macy Gray that America is one of the freest, prosperous, most humane nations on earth.

One of the reasons that is true, is because the soldiers that fought and died to liberate African-american slaves were wearing the very same flag she is decrying.

Apparently, people on Twitter share our sentiment:

Though we are not perfect, the rights we enjoy: freedom of speech, freedom of association, and religious liberty, are things that would get you imprisoned or executed in other countries.

Now that I think of it, perhaps we should use our Freedoms to “cancel” Macy Gray.