Woman Living a “Nightmare” Life with Breasts that Won’t Stop Growing

Beauty standards come and go as societal trends and norms change. In this day and age, having a voluptuous chest is considered one of the more desirable traits in a woman.

If that’s not what floats your boat, you’re naturally welcome to disagree. But as far as averages go, people seem to think bigger is better.

We’re by no means saying that the common obsession with boobs doesn’t sometimes go too far. Besides, having massive breasts is not a particularly comfortable thing.

For proof, just ask Kayla Romero from Clute, Texas. She’ll tell you that her breasts are not only uncomfortable, she lives every day in “excruciating pain”.

According to Romero, her boobs started growing when she was 12 and they never stopped. At the moment, her bra size is a mindboggling 34O – and it look like she’ll soon need to size up.

In an interview with Mirror, Romero said that she just bought two new bras in November, setting her back more than $100. But those bras didn’t serve her for long.

“I have already had a look online for the next size up because my boobs are already starting to overspill out of my new bras, but I haven’t seen a size P anywhere,” Romero said.

“It is hard enough trying to find size O bras, which are also pricey, I have no idea how I am going to find size P’s. I don’t even want to think about how expensive they will be.” KEEP READING
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