You Won’t BELIEVE What Liberals Are Putting In Men’s Bathrooms

tampons mens bathroom

It has come to our attention that liberal men get periods now.

Yes. In case you didn’t know, tampons are now available in a MEN’S bathroom near you.

We’re not joking. Liberals began arguing for this a few years ago, but in recent months, even more liberal men seem to be getting menstrual cycles.

Okay, all jokes aside, the reason for this ridiculousness is to be more inclusive to trans men.

Inclusivity is great. But what’s not great is when liberals start coddling anyone who doesn’t fit in with the majority. They turn full “social justice warrior” and attempt to change the whole world, based on their view that anyone in a minority group is a victim.

And the majority, aka non-victims according to liberals, must pay.

Same thing that’s happening against white people right now.

The issue here is that liberals screamed so loud for inclusivity of trans people, the whole world now believes gender no longer exists. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the liberal party has the largest percentage of mentally ill voters.