You’ll Never Guess What Michigan Gov. Whitmer Is About To Lose

Michigan has been a thermometer for how the rest of the country is feeling. They were one of the first to protest the lockdowns in 2020. Now they’re going to be one of the first to strip their governors of the power to force a state to shut down at all.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer hasn’t been particularly popular lately. The citizens she serves have been trying to remove any and all of her special powers to lock down their state.

The people of Michigan have been working hard to petition for the removal of the law that granted special powers to Gov. Whitmer. They finally were able to get the petition certified in a 4-0 vote.

Michigan has been fighting the idea of lockdowns since it started, and they want to be sure it won’t happen again. Several residents took to twitter to tell their feelings on the lockdowns last year.

Businesses closed down, lives destroyed, elderly dying alone. These are stories that we hear all over the country. An entire year of our lives taken away for our safety. How safe did you feel last year?

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