You’ll Never Guess Which Minority Vote Democrats Just Lost

Democrats keep letting immigrants come to America, in the hopes that they’ll increase their voting base. They think they can bribe these “new Americans” to become new voters.

It looks like that assumption has been proven wrong. In a border town of Texas, Democrats just lost big time. McAllen, Texas has a population that is 85% Hispanic. Easy win for liberals, right? Think again.

Liberals are going to have to rethink their strategy. Their open border polices are going to backfire on them when their immigrants refuse to vote for the idiots that left the door open.

Hispanics have strong Catholic roots and all the transgender policies push them away. Dems have spent too much time watching Hollywood movies and they’ve forgotten that the average person doesn’t want anything to do with all that weirdness.

Angry liberals were quick to try to squash the celebrations:

Oh, so when you lose it’s time for a recount, but when you win, a recount would be an “attack” on America? Let’s just go ahead! Recount them all! Why are they so scared? What are they trying to hide?

Moving forward, Democrats might want to rethink their open borders. If they let in enough Hispanic immigrants, they’ll never win another election. Don’t be surprised if you see a sudden change in the left-wing policies.

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