Young Woman LOSES IT Over Gov. Abbott’s Ban on Mask Mandates

Young people have the least to be afraid of when it comes to COVID-19.

But that didn’t stop this young woman from having a meltdown over Gov. Abbott’s executive order banning public schools and local officials from requiring face masks.


After suffering a mild mental breakdown over the fact that masks won’t be required anywhere in Texas, the young woman proceeded to call down the wrath of God on the state. I’m not kidding…

“You can say Don’t mess with Texas all you want,” she said. “You know who can mess with Texas? The wrath of God. Viruses don’t care about your weird state pride. Get over it.”

It’s hard to believe that a young person could still be this terrified of COVID-19, especially after all the predictions of case spikes and deaths have failed to materialize. Yet here we are.