11 Hilarious Pictures of Liberals Being Insane During COVID-19

COVID-19 was a difficult time for brainwashed liberals. They believed every word Dr. Fauci said, wore two masks at a time, and even hugged their family members behind sheets of plastic.

Here we have a woman hugging a young girl. It’s clear from her facial expression she followed all of Saint Fauci’s extended quarantine rules. Oops. I mean, Dr. Fauci.

Liberals taught their children plastic barriers were normal. Let’s be sure to note the OUTDOOR setting (COVID-19 doesn’t spread outdoors.)

These nice liberals “trusting the science.”

Don’t smile too big ladies, you might get COVID-19!

This wonderful family teaching their children the art of unintentional suffocation.

The man without a mask will probably get COVID-19 through this plastic shield.

This lucky baby has parents who dress in makeshift hazmat suits. Again, in an OUTDOOR setting.

At least this grandpa is sipping on wine. He probably needs it to forget his granddaughter has a grocery bag on her head.

This liberal seems to have figured out how to inflate her plastic head bubble, but I’m sure her face mask is blocking out the CO2.

And finally, this grandfather and grandson made sure to wear masks in their outdoor hug booth, just in case COVID-19 found a way through the plastic, UV rays, and wind.