Hilarious Cartoon Educates Blue Voters Who’ve Fled To Red States

COVID-19 was a huge wakeup call for a lot of leftists. Many of them realized their democratic leaders were more like communists than Americans.

Many of them fled their blue states, escaping California and New York for the freedom of Texas, Florida, and Wyoming.

This has caused a lot of buzz around the conservative community, especially in those places where the blue voters have taken refuge. What will happen to future votes in those places?

It’s generally understood that people in red states have a better quality of life. There are lower crime statistics, no dangerous protests, and less totalitarianism when it comes to the pandemic.

So when it comes to voting, we need to make sure these blue voters understand how things work before the next election. And the best way to do that is by sharing this sweet cartoon with any blue voters near you.

Good advice, don’t you think? Don’t be a Dick. Vote red.