Fauci’s Terrible Thursday: 2 Savage Punches Put His Career on the Ropes

If Dr. Anthony Fauci were a boxer, he would be barely standing at this point.

His position, career and legacy are getting pummeled right now. You can almost picture Fauci in a boxing ring, face swollen, hanging onto the ropes for dear life, getting weaker by the minute.

All eyes locked on “America’s Doctor” to watch him fall.

More and more Americans are now cheering for Tony’s “opponent” as the truth continues to come out.

It’s not looking good for the once mighty Fauci.

He’s been getting beat up daily since the Washington Post used the FOIA to obtain all of Tony’s work emails over the year 2020 and into 2021.

Today, two “left hooks” sucker punched Fauci, and this bad news continues to pulverize his reputation.

2 Reason’s Why Fauci Had a Bad Thursday

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) from Bethesda, MD, USA, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

#1 – Fauci’s Boss Admits Funding Wuhan Lab

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institute for Health (NIH), appears to have directly contradicted his underling Dr. Anthony Fauci in a bombshell moment from an interview with Hugh Hewitt yesterday. 

The revelations further implicate those who approved U.S. grants to the lab, and the EcoHealth Alliance run by the British-born Peter Dazcak – who The National Pulse first reported on back in February.

Speaking to the veteran radio host, Dr. Collins admitted about U.S. collaboration with the Wuhan lab:

Well, we, when we give a grant, Hugh, it has terms attached to it of what it is that the grantee is supposed to be doing with those funds. And we require annual reports to see whether that in fact is what they have been doing. And we trust the grantee to be honest and not deceptive. The grant funds that went to Wuhan, which were a subcontract from Eco Health, were very specifically aimed to try to categorize viruses that they could isolate from bats in Chinese caves, which we had a good reason to want to know more about, given SARS and MERS that had come out of there. And so we basically had those criteria attached to the grant. And of course, the amount of money that we were providing to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, I’m sure, was a tiny fraction of their total funding. And we had no control over what else they were doing with those funds. That’s another thing we’d like to know more about, and an investigation might potentially tell us.

Collins goes on to admit that the Chinese Communist Party is, in fact, involved in the Wuhan lab, but attempts to play down their influence.

In truth – as The National Pulse has revealed – the lab hosts communist study sessions in order to boost “party spirit” and fealty to the Chinese Communist Party.

When asked if the NIH would collaborate with other human rights abusers and tyrannies such as North Korea, Dr. Collins replied, “Probably not,” before adding:

I think you’re demonizing the Wuhan Institute of Virology as it is pure and simple an instrument of the Chinese Communist Party. There are certainly connections there, but let’s be clear. There are scientists working in that institute who are amongst the best in the world in terms of understanding virology. And many of those folks have had long-term relationships with others in other countries, including the United States, with a lot of respect, a lot of shared information. I don’t think we should just basically say well, because they’re in that country, they’re evil. I think you’re going too far with that one. Science is not…

The stunning news contravenes the claims by Dr. Anthony Fauci, that the NIH/NIAID that the U.S. had not collaborated with the Wuhan lab on gain-of-function research.

The National Pulse


But that’s not all…

#2 Fauci’s Upcoming Book Appears to Be Getting Shut Down

The second blow to Fauci today hit him in the pocketbook.

Reports indicate that Fauci’s upcoming book is getting scrubbed off book sellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, while having it’s listing altered on other sites.

The book, “Expect the Unexpected,” was earlier pegged for a November release, according to its Amazon listing. As of Wednesday morning, the book’s listing had been entirely scrubbed from Amazon. However, a cached version of the listing, still displayed the book’s promotional description and preorder status. 

A cached website also shows the book’s listing on Barnes & Noble’s website, though by Wednesday morning that listing was no longer live anymore. 

The book appeared to still be available for preorder on some lesser known vendors such as Booktopia.

The scrubbing of the book comes after backlash from critics who accused Fauci of profiting off of the deadly pandemic the U.S. response to which he has overseen. 

Just the News

Fauci is getting blasted all over cable news and the internet now for trying to cash in on the pandemic by writing a self help book. Allegedly the pages were to be filled with “life lesson” platitudes on “expecting the unexpected” and “finding joy in tough times.”


Fauci’s house of cards appears to be collapsing before our eyes.

Here is Tucker Carlson’s Wednesday report on the rise and fall of Tony Fauci:

“The emails prove that Fauci lied under oath.” – Tucker Carlson

Fox News video clip below

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