4 Tweets Expose Where Woke Culture Is Really Heading

You’ve seen it yourself. Almost every time you turn on your television or watch a new movie. The “Woke Agenda” is being shoved in your face.

Children’s storytime with drag queens, kids exposed to fetishes and kinks at Pride parades. When did the acceptance of different lifestyles and sexuality turning rubbing it in the face of actual children?

A recent article on The Washington Post provides a perfect example:

“Kink” is about sex. It’s not about love or acceptance. It’s about strange ways that people like to have actual sexual intercourse. That stuff does not EVER belong in front of children.

The fact that this person wants their children to see it is digusting. These things are straight up for adults. Introducing children to sexual things at a young age is a form of sexual abuse.

Actress Kristie Alley has caught onto the weird way the world is going lately. She posted several tweets explaining that we’re heading toward the acceptance of pedophillia.

Liberals freaked out on her, of course. They’ve become so mentally ill that they can’t understand what these things are actually doing to our children. They don’t see where this all is really headed.

Liberals have already decided that very young children can consent to medical treatments to change their gender, without parent permission. How long until they start to think those same kids can consent to sex as well?

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