Guess Which Liberal City Is Spending $61,000 Per Homeless Tent

Imagine being paid a very respectable salary just for being homeless.

That’s essentially what San Francisco is doing.

And it’s not just tents they’re giving away for free.

San Francisco has been operating selected tent encampments at six different locations in the city. At present, the camps, or so-called Safe Sleeping Villages, are accommodating about 300 homeless individuals in some 260 tents, complete with electricity, showers, toilets, three meals a day, and 24-hour security.

The Epoch Times

Showers, toilets, meals, electricity, and security? That sounds like a really nice deal if you ask me. If I were one of those homeless people, I wouldn’t ever want to leave.

And that’s the problem. These types of programs give homeless people no incentive to change their reality.

Many [homeless people] view [the shelters] as a home away from home, a place to hang out without any responsibilities or personal investment, and thus with little or no incentive to better their lot.

The Epoch Times

Many homeless people don’t have access to the medical care that would help them function in “normal” society, and many are veterans who have been left behind by society. Maybe it’s time liberal cities started being run by conservatives.