5 Hilarious Memes That Made Liberals Shake With Rage

A lot of things in life are difficult. But upsetting a liberal is not one of them.

Liberals are known to pretzel-logic their way into anger. For example, just this week, we have liberals claiming Trader Joe’s is racist, liberals complaining about anti-maskers even after Fauci’s email leak, and liberals who are still rolling their eyes at the election audit.

All this anger sure makes them easy to make fun of. Here are 5 memes for you to enjoy at the expense of the worse half of the nation.

This one’s exposes the hypocrisy of liberalism. Get “healthy” with the vaccine, then make your body more susceptible to disease by eating sugar.

What will living in a liberal-run city get you? Nothing but high rent, complete with homeless people outside your door.

Let’s definitely do this to kids. Sounds like the perfect plan.

Sheet music is racist. Lol.

Joke’s on liberals for this one.