Dumb Liberals Are Now Calling This Grocery Store “Racist”

Liberals will find ANY reason to call something racist.

Newest thing on the list?

Trader Joe’s.

According to this TikTok user, Trader Joe’s is giving her “white supremacy vibes.”

Here’s why.

“Trader Jose’s [for their Hispanic foods] Trader Ming’s [for their Asian foods]… really?

Dumb Liberal

I’m sure this girl would also be calling the grocery store racist if they didn’t sell ethnic food items. This is another example of liberals looking for things to be upset about.

“The cult following it has is basically white women. And they constantly re-brand ethic foods to make them more palatable to white people.”

Dumb Liberal

First of all, that a racist thing to say. Second of all, obviously an American grocery store would have a mostly white customer base. We live in a mostly white country.

“They constantly “healthify” everything, which stems back to fat-phobia and diet culture.”

Dumb Liberal

Oh, no, how dare a grocery chain advertise health foods?! Again, this girl would probably call “racism” if the ethnic foods weren’t racist, claiming that it’s discriminatory to make the ethnic foods less healthy than other foods.