ALARMING: This New Bank Rule Changes What You Can Do With Your Money

bank notes

New in-house bank regulations brought forth under the veil of security basically mean that they can tell you what you can and cannot spend your hard-earned money on.

There’s been a lot of talk about this kind of action from the banks, but nobody thought it would happen.

Well, it’s happening!

Some banks are now not allowing transactions that their clients specifically asked for.

The actual transactions in question are beside the point – they are related to cryptocurrency, but you don’t have to understand it to see when basic freedoms are being stifled.

There’s only one question here – if they can decide where you can send you money (or not), what’s next?

How soon before your card gets declined at a store because the bank doesn’t like your political allegiances?

Are banks threatened by cryptocurrencies or are they thinking of your best interest when they prevent you from trading in cryptocurrencies?  If they can do this, what’s next?

The Gateway Pundit

Will it happen to you, your kids, or your grandkids?

Any answer to that is equally alarming.