Alert: Democrat Legislator Tries To Intimidate Veterans In This Infuriating Way

Sometimes you have to read something twice because it’s so strange, so convoluted, that your first thought is that it can’t be real.

This is one of those stories.

See a Democrat state representative in Michigan is looking for ways to strip U.S. military veterans of their rightfully earned benefits. Her “justification?” You have to read it to believe it (hat tip to here for the lead). Patty McMurry gives us the details:

Michigan State Representative Sarah Anthony, who represents part of Lansing where protests at the state’s capital are commonplace, is worried about the uptick of “incidents involving domestic terrorism over the last few years” and cites the January 6, 2021 protest at the US Capitol building as evidence.

As a way to get out ahead of any future incidents like the time American citizens entered the Capitol building on January 6—some by force and some who entered while police officers stood by and watched, Anthony is proposing legislation that specifically targets US veterans.

The Democrat state representative isn’t targeting violent Black Lives Matter or Antifa activists who break into federal buildings and light them on fire. She’s not targeting the criminal BLM/Antifa activists who burned and looted several businesses in the city she represents on May 31, 2020, at the height of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

MI Rep. Anthony (D) is instead, fighting to make sure Michigan’s US veterans who’ve served our nation don’t even think about taking part in a protest that might turn violent or consider joining a militia or group that might be perceived as anti-government. According to the Dem Rep., there is plenty of reason to believe veterans are being targeted to participate in organizations the Left has defined as  “domestic terrorists.” If Rep. Anthony has her way, veterans will not only be charged and prosecuted like everyday civilians, but as an added bonus, they’ll also be stripped of state-administered benefits they earned when they honorably served our nation.

Now, think about this: what are Democrats labeling “domestic terrorism?” Not “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter or Antifa riots protests. No, they reference the breach of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Keep in mind that, unlike BLM and Antifa “gathering,” the only deaths that occurred in the Capitol Hill incident were the shooting of unarmed Ashli Babbitt (a military veteran) and four medical emergency situations. But all of the people on Capitol Hill were called domestic terrorists by Democrats even though this really was a mostly peaceful gathering.

Still, this Democrat, in typical Democrat fashion, wants to intimidate U.S. military veterans from keeping their oath to protect the Constitution and from openly voicing their conservative political viewpoints by threatening to, essentially, starve and kill military veterans by stripping away their pensions and medical care if a group of people that they are near in public has even one person who a Democrat chooses to single out for hazing.

This is an attempt at intimidation, pure and simple, and this nonsense needs to stop.

If you’re in Michigan, you need to contact your representatives to stop this legislation from passing (because you know that dictator Gretchen Whitmer would sign it), and if you’re not in Michigan, you need to pay attention to the legislation being proposed in your state. Democrats are likely to try to intimidate veterans in your state, too.