Fake News Investigator Exposes Something Really Scary

It appears a new fake-news style Covid-19 propaganda advertisement is on the way.

You won’t believe this new video released by Piers Corbyn, a man liberals love to call a conspiracy theorist.

But if Corbyn is such a conspiracy theorist, then how come this “Covid-19 cleanup crew” was just caught staging media photos.

That’s right. Fake photos for the fake news. Gotta make sure people stay scared of Covid-19!

You’ll have to tap on the link to watch the full video, because no doubt YouTube would censor this one right away.

In the footage, Corbyn videotapes 2 people dressed in dramatic hospital gear. As he asks them why they’re dressed like that (because by now, we all know masks are a form of control and do not prevent against viral transmission) they actually begin posing for Covid cleaning photos.

You’re just doing that for the paparazzi!

Piers Corbyn Footage

Once they take the staged photos, the actors take off their gas masks and googles. Clearly it was all for a show.

See for yourself. This is nothing more than a rouse to create more fear. Stay vigilant everyone, and do not let the mainstream media fool you.