Are “COVID-Tracking” Implants Now Imminent? [Video]

When does a “conspiracy theory” stop being a theory? Where exactly is that line?

Did we already cross it without noticing?

Those are the pivotal questions we need to ask after an eerie story about a “COVID-detecting” subdermal implant ran on 60 Minutes.

“It’s not some dreaded government microchip to track your every move.”

These were the words uttered by 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker in one of the most bone-chilling stories since this whole coronavirus hoopla started.

Do you promise, Bill?

Whitaker delivered the news casually as if he was reporting on a local hot-dog eating competition.

The laid-back, nonchalant delivery sounds forced and only adds to the Orwellian feeling of the whole thing.

It takes true grit to watch the video below and not freak out.

Do you remember the times when any stories about microchips and implants were dismissed as crazy?

They seem far gone now, don’t they?

The scariest part is that the story somehow flew under the radar. We need to share this.

People need to know!