ALERT: Dems Still Trying To Sabotage AZ Election Audit

After failing to stop the audit from going ahead last week, Dems came up with a new ruse…

Soros-funded Secretary of State Katie Hobbs cited media reports to push for an investigation into security lapses. This was just the latest attempt by panicked Democrats to delay the forensic audit of the Maricopa County ballots. Democrats have fought this process every step of the way. What could they possibly be afraid of?

The Gateway Pundit

That’s a good question – what could they possibly be afraid of?

Maybe it’s the widespread reports of election fraud, which many Americans have been reading in recent months.

Whatever they’re afraid of, the Democrats seem intent on stopping election results from being audited.

But thankfully, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich saw through the attempted sabotage.

Arizona’s attorney general has brushed away the state’s top election official’s call for an investigation into possible irregularities in a legislative chamber’s newly begun audit of 2020 election results from the state’s most populous county.

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on April 23 cited media reports of security lapses at the audit site and the auditors’ plans to question Maricopa County voters at their homes. But Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich later Friday said Hobbs provided “no facts” to warrant an investigation.

Valid complaints will be investigated, Brnovich wrote Hobbs in a letter. “Any such complaints, however, must be based on credible facts and not conjecture of politics,” he said.

The Gateway Pundit

Needless to say, the Secretary of State wasn’t very happy!

Let’s hope the audit can be done without any more Democrat interference.