Are The NY Judges Politically Biased Against Trump?

New York Judge Dismisses Trump’s Mistrial Request in Fraud Case

In a significant development in former President Trump’s civil fraud case, a New York judge has rejected Trump’s request for a mistrial. The motion, which alleged bias on the part of the judge and his principal law clerk, was firmly dismissed by Judge Arthur Engoron.

Judge Engoron, in a forceful response on Friday, described Trump’s motion as completely baseless. He defended both his and his clerk’s actions, which had been criticized by Trump’s defense team. The judge particularly addressed the issue of political donations made by his clerk and his own online posts on a school alumni website, asserting that these actions had no bearing on his ability to preside over the case impartially and professionally.

Trump’s legal team had accused the judge of partiality, citing a remark made during Trump’s testimony. However, Engoron clarified that the full context of his comment was omitted in their argument. He emphasized that his role was to listen to Trump’s answers to questions, not just to hear his statements.

The defense also targeted the judge’s clerk, alleging that she was given undue influence in the trial and acted as a “co-judge.” Engoron firmly refuted this claim, stating there was no such “co-judging” occurring. He also defended his clerk against accusations of making partisan political contributions, explaining that the limits on such contributions did not apply to her own campaign or to attending political events.

Engoron’s order also addressed the attempt by Trump’s counsel to link his clerk’s political activities with his own judicial stance, dismissing these arguments as irrelevant and misleading. He reiterated that it was he, not his clerk, who made the rulings and issued orders in the case.

Overall, Judge Engoron’s decision to deny the mistrial motion underscores his commitment to maintaining an impartial and professional conduct in the ongoing civil fraud case against former President Trump.