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Trump’s Critique of Haley Could Alienate Key Female Voter Base Amid GOP Nomination Push 🗳️

Donald Trump’s recent critiques of Nikki Haley, including mocking her attire and calling her “birdbrain” during a New Hampshire victory speech, have raised concerns about potentially alienating female voters, a demographic where he’s seen as having tenuous support. The former president’s comments, especially his derogatory remarks towards women, have historically posed risks of distancing critical female voters, a factor that could be detrimental in the general elections.

Juliana Bergeron, a New Hampshire Republican National Committee member, expressed skepticism about Trump’s appeal to swing female voters, suggesting that even within the Republican ranks, his comments could sway opinions. Trump’s struggle to connect with suburban, college-educated women has been evident since 2018, with President Biden capturing 54% of suburban women’s votes in 2020. Despite winning a majority of women voters in New Hampshire, Trump’s margin among women was notably narrower compared to men.

Alice Stewart, a Republican strategist, and Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University, both highlighted the potential backlash from Trump’s pattern of using gendered insults, which could particularly alienate suburban women. Trump’s history of personal and visceral attacks against female critics and rivals adds to the concern, with instances like his comments on Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina still memorable.

Despite Trump’s dominance in the polls, including in South Carolina, his continued attacks on Haley have puzzled some within the GOP, with Stewart noting it reflects Trump’s tendency to belittle perceived threats regardless of his lead. Conversely, Trump’s campaign defends his approach, arguing that his directness and stance on safety and immigration resonate with female voters, as evidenced by his performance in early voting states.

The ongoing rivalry with Haley is seen by some strategists as a distraction that benefits Biden by preventing Trump from focusing solely on the president. Yet, despite past controversies, including the “Access Hollywood” tape, Trump has managed to secure electoral victories, demonstrating his resilience among voters despite backlash over his comments towards women.

However, the evolving national discourse on women’s issues, amplified by movements like “Me Too” and significant legal decisions like the overturning of Roe v. Wade, could influence Trump’s standing among female voters, especially in the context of his legal challenges and controversial claims about the 2020 election.