Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals Exactly What Joe Did To Her As A Child – And It Will Make You Sick

There’s a lot of evidence Joe Biden is creepily obsessed with children. Not that the mainstream media cares.

For one, why is he always sniffing kids? Gross.

But this news is way worse.

We won’t attach the diary pages out of respect for our sensitive readers, but if you’re interested in seeing for yourself, you can access them here.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that a father should be showering with his daughter. Or son. Or any child at all. Nope! This is borderline criminal.

Did Dementia Joe have memory loss back then, too? Did he forget who his wife was?

Poor Ashley Biden seems to have had quite a rough childhood. If Joe Biden can’t even be a decent father, what makes liberals think he can be a decent president?