Biden Numbers So Bad CNBC Host Thought It Was A Typo

steve liesman cnbc

We’ve seen a range of reactions to the disastrous April job numbers of the Biden administration, but none of them quite as entertaining as that of the CNBC’s Steve Liesman.

The sad part is, Liesman had no intention of being entertaining.

And maybe “entertaining” is not the right word here. It certainly isn’t for the millions of people sliding into poverty. It’s grim.

Liesman, a senior economics reporter, was so taken aback by the numbers that he thought it was a typo.

It’s painful to watch the man trying to make sense of what he’s looking at:

There’s really no way to spin this to make it look like anything else than what it is – a rock bottom caused by poor decisions and weak leadership.

Not that Biden didn’t try to twist it in the Friday morning presser. He gave it his sickly best by saying that “the economy is moving in the right direction.”

What direction is that, Joe? Neverland?