Biden Rated Worst President, Should He Step Down?

Kamala’s Hypocrisy Comes To Light

Vice President Kamala Harris drew attention this Thanksgiving after posting a photo with a gas stove in the background. Her post, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving, sparked a debate due to recent controversies surrounding gas stoves.

The issue began in January when Richard Trumka Jr., a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, mentioned in a Bloomberg interview the possibility of banning gas stoves over emission concerns. Trumka described it as a “hidden hazard” and stated that a ban could be considered for products deemed unsafe.

This statement quickly met with backlash, leading Trumka to clarify that the CPSC had no intention of banning existing gas stoves, but rather that regulations would apply to new products. CPSC Chair Alex Hoehn-Saric further distanced himself from the ban idea, as reported by the New York Post, stating that there was no plan to ban gas stoves.

The debate heated up when the House, led by Republicans, passed a bill in June to preemptively block any potential ban, though the bill received a tepid response from Democrats.

The Department of Energy addressed the controversy, labeling it “absurd.” It clarified that there were no plans to ban gas stoves. In February 2023, the Department proposed new efficiency standards for gas and electric stoves, aiming to save consumers up to $1.7 billion. These standards, set to possibly take effect in 2027, would mostly impact high-end gas cooktops, requiring a simple $12 adjustment to comply.

In New York, Governor Kathy Hochul enacted a law in April mandating that buildings under seven stories switch to electric by 2026 and larger buildings by 2029. This move effectively sets a path towards phasing out gas stoves in the state.