Biden Says You Can’t Say This Word Ever Again

While Joe Biden does nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border, he now wants to control your tongue.

Biden has no problem cracking down on your 1st Amendment rights (or your 2nd Amendment for that matter.)

What’s ironic about this latest radical move is how Biden’s speech crack down has a southern border connection.

Biden recently issued new orders to the two main U.S. immigration enforcement agencies.

The current White House occupant ordered these agencies to stop calling migrants as “aliens.” The term has been around a long time. Some do consider the term “illegal alien” offensive.

But Biden didn’t stop there. He’s also telling federal employees what words they are to use instead.

Instead of “illegal immigrant,” Biden told Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs enforcement employees to say “non-citizen” or “migrant” instead.

This is just another change in immigration policy that Biden is reversing from former President Trump.

Of course, this does nothing to fix the border crisis going on since Joe took office.

So, to recap:

Stop saying “illegal aliens.” Joe says that’s bad, as of right now.

Instead, use the terms “undocumented noncitizen” or “undocumented individual.”

Biden’s memos declare these edicts, so it is so.

Speak correctly, peasant.

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