Big Tech Does This to Save Blue State Governor from Recall

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s controversial policies have landed him in hot water with voters. However, recent campaign finance data shows Big Tech companies may be coming to his rescue.

Silicon Valley is home for many major tech companies in California. And judging from recent donations, it seems these Big Tech leaders want to keep their state blue.

From Open Secrets:

“One of Newsom’s top donors in his recall fight is Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. He donated $3 million in May to a group opposed to the recall. Hastings also donated thousands to the Democratic federal super PAC, Senate Majority PAC, in 2020 and is the largest donor in the California recall campaign.

Newsom has been able to tap into California’s tech industry where several big names — including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman — have spoken out against recall efforts,” Open Secrets added.

Why are these Big Tech firms giving Newsom all this cash? Because he did them some favors over the past year or so. And because they’re all California-based firms.

Netflix has its headquarters in Los Gatos. Google has its HQ in a town called Mountain View. And LinkedIn has its main offices in nearby Sunnyvale, California.

Newsom got the donations after he made certain exceptions for Netflix and others in the film-making industry. He gave them a special exemption during the lockdowns when he called them “protected industries.”

While small businesses had to shut down during most of 2020, Netflix didn’t miss a beat. While a good number of California voters want to see Newsom out of office, Big Tech wants to maintain the status quo.

Liberals love to say they’re “for the little guy.” But these Big Tech donations proves that’s not the case.