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Facing challenges in making a significant national impact, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is redirecting his campaign focus squarely on Iowa. The campaign is set to open a new central office in West Des Moines and is doubling its staff in the state. Following the upcoming GOP debate, Senator Scott plans to be in Iowa every week leading up to the January 15 caucuses.

Funds initially allocated for advertising in New Hampshire are now being rerouted to Iowa. Jennifer DeCasper, Scott’s campaign manager, emphasized that the senator is fully committed to Iowa, stating that he is the most favorably viewed candidate and is well-equipped to succeed in the state’s caucuses. She added that Iowa is a crucial initial step in securing the party’s nomination.

This strategic pivot comes after the campaign faced some hurdles. Although Senator Scott launched his presidential bid with substantial financial backing, recent Federal Election Commission reports indicate a high rate of spending. He has not yet officially qualified for the third GOP debate, as per Politico’s tracking. Additionally, his affiliated super PAC, Trust In the Mission PAC, has decided to cancel the remaining $40 million in digital and TV ad reservations initially made in July.

Scott’s campaign is mirroring the tactics of other candidates who are also focusing on Iowa for a late-year surge. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are among those who have also turned their attention to the Hawkeye State, with DeSantis reallocating a third of his campaign staff to Iowa.