California Students And Staff Make Absurd Demand, Refuse To Work

In the latest example of liberal lunacy, students and teachers in universities across California staged a “day of refusal” on Monday.

As usual with liberals, it was for an absurd reason.

At universities across California, students and workers refused to attend class or meetings, answer emails and clock into work Monday as part of a “day of refusal” organized by the group Cops Off Campus Coalition. The work stoppage began Abolition May, a series of actions grounded in a central demand: Remove police from all campuses.

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It’s always easy for liberals to find ways of not working, especially if it’s for some imaginary injustice.

The police, on campuses or elsewhere, exist to keep people safe.

That includes liberals who hate them. That’s their job.

Plus they feed their families and keep a roof over their heads with the money they’re paid.

But liberals don’t care about that.

The report claims that the presence of campus police “has often undermined students’ perception of safety” and adds that “some students say regardless of increased diversity in law enforcement, continued police presence has retraumatized them from prior experiences.”

The “pledge” signed by participants in the virtual protest claims that campus police “evoke images of brutality against student protesters by local and state police forces during the 1960s and 1970s anti-war movement.” It also claims: “The University of California police system has a history of using its police departments to brutalize students and to surveil and assault activists.

It also claims that “repression, racial profiling, brutality, and violence” are “fundamental characteristics of policing, inherent to its design.”

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No examples were provided for any of these wild claims.

It’s quite likely they come from paranoid fantasies, given that most people don’t agree with them.

A survey released by the University of California Berkeley in 2019 showed strong support for police. Of those surveyed, majorities agreed that campus police “deal with me honestly and ethically” (84%); “show concern for people’s rights” (76%); “can be trusted to have my best interests in mind” (75%); and “can be trusted to make decisions that are good for the campus as a whole” (73%).

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If the police are actually abolished in Californian universities, how long will it be until these liberals become crime victims and call the police? Probably not long at all.