CENSORED: The Biden Campaign Asked Facebook For Dirty Favors

The Biden Campaign did something very immoral and illegal – and they did it for one reason: to hide their theft of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

CNN, which recently obtained some emails, reveal that the Biden campaign team pressured Facebook multiple times to block and content questioning the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election!

And guess who they SPECIFICALLY asked Facebook to censor: Donald Trump’s own son, Donald Jr!

CNN’s own reporting confirms that Facebook changed its policies following the email exchange with Biden officials, yet goes on to quote Democrat activists who complain that the platform is still not censoring enough conservative content.

One post that the Biden campaign tried to have censored during the 2020 election was a video from Donald Trump Jr. in September 2020 calling for supporters to monitor early voting and counting boards.

Fox News

And true to the left’s usual finger-pointing and gaslighting, the Biden officials said Donald Jr’s video was calling for violence after metaphorically using the word “army.”

When Facebook dismissed these claims saying it didn’t violate their terms and conditions, Biden officials went into full bully mode.

The scolded Facebook for letting the Trump Campaign release videos claiming that millions of fraudulent votes will be used to steal the election from Trump and award the win to Joe Biden.

The Biden official even said “good gracious” before accusing Facebook of setting a precedent.

And that seemed to do the trick. Both Facebook and Twitter cowardly labeled the video “misinformation” and Facebook later banned any videos calling the US Election fraudulent and stolen.

The spineless actions of Facebook and Twitter have trampled on American’s 1st Amendment Rights and this must not go unpunished.

Censorship is a tool of the weak and the USA is NOT a weak nation. This must be stopped immediately.