Christie Calls Trump A ‘One Man Crime Wave’, Is He Right?

Leadership Shake-Up in Pro-DeSantis Super PAC Chris Jankowski, the chief executive of the Never Back Down super PAC, which supports GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, announced his resignation on Wednesday.

In a statement released through a spokeswoman, Jankowski cited the current environment as a significant factor in his decision to step down. “Given the current environment, it has become untenable for me to deliver on the shared goal [of electing Governor Ron DeSantis as President], and that goes well beyond a difference of strategic opinion,” he explained.

Jankowski expressed his continued support for DeSantis, stating, “For the future of our country, I support and pray Ron DeSantis is our 47th president.”

This announcement follows reported internal conflicts within the Never Back Down group, including a heated argument during a budget discussion, as reported by NBC News. Additionally, the emergence of a new super PAC, Fight Right, which recently received a $1 million contribution, has added to the changing dynamics. This new PAC’s formation coincides with reported frustrations from DeSantis and his wife with the Never Back Down group, as noted by NBC News and The New York Times.

Despite these challenges, DeSantis remains a prominent figure in the 2024 GOP primary race. Although he trails former President Trump in national and early-state polls, he has secured endorsements from notable figures like Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) and evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats, positioning him as a significant contender in the race.