Crocodile and Leopard Both Want This Impala for Lunch. Who Wins?

A YouTube channel called Kruger Sightings has a bunch of incredible nature video that have attracted 2.22 million subscribers.

But… WARNING: These videos are not cute and cuddly fluff filled with feel good footage.

Their videos show the raw brutality of nature.

And this is one below is one of their top videos with 3.5 million views. This impala is so courageous. His tenacity will inspire you.

If you enjoy rooting for the underdog, (or maybe I should say, “under impala”), watch this video if you dare.

You may not want young children to see it, though.

Because in the end, this impala has had better days.

It’s not often you see not one but two different predators going after the same prey.

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