Cuomo’s Latest Hypocrisy Will Leave You Speechless

Andrew Cuomo got a bad rap last year for a number of reasons. He killed the elderly in the beginning of Covid-19, and then news broke of him being a creep to young women in his office. Gross.

But now, Cuomo makes a law banning people from getting married if they’re under 18.

While this is great and all, it strikes those of us with brains as massively hypocritical.

Cuomo is concerned about sexualizing young women now? What a sudden change.

Here are some great questions from commenters online.

Wait. Kids can cut their junk off by taking life-altering meds without parents’ say-so, but they can’t get married even with parental consent. WTF?

Commenter on The Epoch Times Website

Excellent point there.

Aaahh, the rush of having subjects to control.

Commenter on The Epoch Times Website

This one’s probably more accurate than we even realize.

But you can be vaccinated or get an abortion without your parents ever knowing about it.

Commenter on The Epoch Times Website

Looks like it’s time for NY to get its priorities together.