Liberals Will Be FURIOUS – The New Face Of The GOP

Liberals love to hate on white men. They love it so much, they’ve been pretending that the Republican party is 100% white men.

Some new data from the 2020 election is going to end that talking point entirely:

New data from progressive analytics firm Catalist shows the majority of Trump’s support in the 2020 election came from minorities and women. Trump’s support grew to 57.2 percent from 54.8 percent in 2016. Trump made inroads among all minorities in the election, except for white men. The data show a seven-point increase among non-white females, a four-point increase among non-white men, and a one-point loss among white men.

The Federalist

Looks like Democrats are lying again. They’re no longer the party of women and minorities. In fact, they’ve only gotten more and more white.

It looks like the Democrat’s push for identity politics is actually driving away the people they’re trying to target. Minorities and women see through the virtue signaling and are choosing the party that actually helps them out.

Maybe people don’t want to fight each other to see who is the most disadvantaged. Maybe they just want to live and not be told they’re doing it all wrong.