Dead Deplorable’s Family Seeks Justice

What happened at the Capitol building on January 6th is still being sorted out.

The one person proven to lose their life due to violence related to that day’s protests is Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by a U.S. Capitol police officer.

Her family announced they are filing a lawsuit against the officer who shot her.

The lawsuit follows the Justice Department announcing earlier in the month that it will not pursue criminal charges against the unnamed officer who shot Babbitt has she tried to climb through a broken door window inside of the Capitol building.

The department said there was insufficient evidence to pursue such charges.

“The family and I were disappointed in DOJ’s decision, but my role is to bring a civil action and, in that way, vindicate her rights,” Terry Roberts, the family’s attorney, told Newsmax on Monday.

Still, Roberts argues there is enough evidence to put forward criminal charges against the officer who shot Babbitt – a military veteran from Lakeside, Calif., who was 35 at the time of her death.

“Clearly, the officer had the required willfulness,” Roberts said. “He clearly could see that she was not armed, she did not present an immediate threat to him, and there was no legal justification for shooting her.”

Just the News

Babbitt’s attorney will argue that the officer did not warn Babbitt he would shoot if she continued to enter the Speaker’s Lobby adjacent to the House floor. Without giving a proper warning to an unarmed person, Robert’s says the officer should be charged.

The case will focus on violations of Babbitt’s constitutional rights.

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