Must Read: College Professor Gloats About Indoctrinating Kids

If you’ve been a longtime watcher of mainstream media news, then you may not have heard the truth about how the woke, critical race theory, social justice warrior movement has overtaken universities in America.

This, of course, has had the effect of killing off all actual education and usefulness from most college degrees in America these days (if you disagree, please explain how math is “racist” and actually doing engineering has anything to do with “social justice”).

In case you any doubt about that, though, now, two professors from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Ralph Martire and Gina Harris, were caught on a hot mic gloating about how they are able to indoctrinate your kids with their social justice nonsense (hat tip to here for the lead). Mark Glennon writes,

On the tape, Harris says, “I mean, it’s all social justice. All day, every day I get to talk about all the things I love all the time.”

“All day every day,” responds Martire.

“All day at the day care, all day at my night classes, all day when I’m here. I mean, really, I’m living the life over here,” says Harris.

Yeah,” says Martire. “I always flip out the kids that take my master’s class on fiscal policy and public budgets within the first three or four classes are devoted to philosophy of social justice and how you organize society. We don’t talk about one, you know, budgetary item. They’re like, Oh, man. Professor Martire, this is a really weird way to teach a budget,” [laughter].

Harris: “Now it’s part of everything, right, what a foundation!”

Martire: “If you don’t understand your values, you can’t allocate resources among public priorities that are scarce, but all needed. Right?

When someone tells them that their mic is hot and everyone can hear them, Martire “said he didn’t care that he was being recorded.”

See, leftists are so confident that they own the educational institutions and that you will continue to send your kids to them for indoctrination, that they are fine with being out in the open about their intentional brainwashing of the youth.

But you don’t have to put up with this. If you have a college-aged kid, make sure that they go to a college that rejects woke nonsense (there are a few), and even if you don’t have a college-aged child, start working to prevent government money, including student loans, from going to woke institutions.

Our kids deserve better, don’t you think?