Dementia Joe Makes a Fool of Himself at Elementary School

Over the past two years, Joe Biden’s handlers kept Joe away from public events as much as possible.

Now as President, he still gets few interactions with reporters or the public.

Keeping a president in a basement 24/7 is not easy, so occasionally Joe does something public to appease critics – like visit a school, or something else that is heavily controlled.

But even the simple outings are proving to be embarrassing.

Take this recent visit to a Virginia elementary school, for example…

The video is part comedy, part tragedy.

The tragedy can be found first in seeing all these children masked up, in plexiglass – when studies show all that is unnecessary. The scene has a dystopian vibe that is sad and frustrating.

And then there’s Joe.

Biden’s low energy is palpable. He’s shuffling around the room almost like he’s using an invisible walker.

At one point, he asks the kids if they’re 9th graders. It is hard to tell if he was serious and then played off his gaffe, or not.

He walks up to a teacher and asks her an awkward phrased question. Then crash. A kid’s plexiglass partition falls off his desk.

If I was working public relations for Biden, I would have collected all copies of this video and erased them.

This is just too embarrassing for the country.


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