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Trump Goes After Corrupt DA

Donald Trump has called upon a state appellate court to reconsider a ruling that permits Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to continue overseeing the investigation into allegations of racketeering related to Trump’s actions during the Georgia 2020 election.

Earlier in the month, Judge Scott McAfee determined that although Willis’s previous romantic involvement with special prosecutor Nathan Wade suggested a potential conflict of interest, she could proceed with her duties after Wade’s resignation. Following McAfee’s verdict, which opened the door for an appeal before the trial, Trump and eight associates appealed to the Georgia Court of Appeals, arguing that Willis’s personal involvement necessitates her recusal.

The appeal highlighted that the trial court acknowledged Willis’s public comments as inappropriate and recognized a conflict of interest. However, it argued that the court made a legal mistake by not disqualifying Willis, calling for an immediate review by the appellate court.

Willis has been given a 10-day window by the court’s regulations to respond to the appeal.

Last summer, Willis indicted Trump and several of his affiliates on charges of racketeering and other offenses, accusing them of conspiring illegally to reverse Joe Biden’s 2020 election win in Georgia. Trump has pleaded not guilty to these charges, consistent with his responses to three other criminal indictments.

As Trump aims to postpone the trial until after the 2024 election, the disclosure of Willis’s relationship with Wade has led to a significant diversion, with both parties testifying in court to refute allegations of misconduct. Despite claims from the defense that their relationship began years before Willis appointed Wade to the Trump case, both prosecutors insisted their relationship started in early 2022 and was not romantic but rather mentor-like until after a 2019 judicial conference.

Despite McAfee identifying only an apparent conflict of interest, Trump and his co-defendants argue that the findings indicate a more significant issue, suggesting an actual conflict exists.

The defense has also criticized Willis for making public statements outside the courtroom, including suggestions that their motion for her and Wade’s disqualification was racially motivated. Following Willis’s comments at a church implying that criticism of Wade was racially charged, Trump’s lawyer accused her of trying to divert attention from her alleged misconduct by inciting racial tension.

Additionally, Willis’s recent remarks to CNN, warning Trump and his co-defendants of impending consequences, have drawn further rebuke from the defense, with Trump’s attorney highlighting Willis’s disregard for McAfee’s caution against discussing the case publicly.

In light of these developments, Trump’s legal team is urging the Georgia Court of Appeals to accept their appeal, arguing that the indictment should have been dismissed and, at the very least, Willis and her office disqualified from the case.