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Trump Circulates Ad Mocking Biden with ‘White House Senior Living’ Theme

Former President Trump shared a satirical advertisement that depicted the White House as a senior living home, targeting President Biden. The ad humorously describes the White House as a place where residents enjoy comfortable activities, receive professional care, and savor home-cooked meals. It includes various clips: Biden at the beach to illustrate leisure activities, the First Lady assisting him with his coat to imply professional care, and Biden eating pizza to represent the meals provided.

Additionally, the ad features a moment where Biden mentions his preference for Italian food, followed by the First Lady pointing out his fondness for ice cream, specifically chocolate chip.

The tagline of the advertisement is “White House Senior Living, where residents feel like Presidents.” This ad comes amidst discussions about Biden’s age as he is currently 81 and would be 86 at the end of a second presidential term. There’s ongoing debate about the need for younger leadership in the 2024 presidential campaign.

It’s noteworthy that Trump himself is not significantly younger, as he will be turning 75 in June.