Did Biden Take The Classified Docs Out Of Senility?

White House Launches Fierce Offensive Against Special Counsel Over Scrutiny of Biden’s Age and Memory

The White House forcefully countered a special counsel report on Friday, which has provided President Biden’s critics, particularly Republicans, with fresh material to question his age and suitability for the presidency.

Ian Sams, a spokesperson from the White House counsel’s office who is not a frequent face at the briefing room podium, sharply criticized “unnecessary” segments in Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report. The report depicted Biden as an aging individual struggling with memory issues, an angle Sams condemned for being unnecessarily focused on the President’s age, despite the report concluding with no charges against Biden regarding the handling of classified documents.

Sams questioned the inclusion of age-related criticisms in the report, hinting at political motivations behind these observations. “Given that the investigation concluded without any charges, one has to question the purpose behind the report’s unfounded and inappropriate critiques of the President,” Sams remarked.

The administration suggested that the report’s focus on Biden’s age and memory might be politically driven. While Sams refrained from directly questioning Hur’s motives, Vice President Harris earlier labeled the report as “politically motivated” and challenged Hur’s credibility. It’s noteworthy that Hur, though appointed by former President Trump to a government role, was designated as special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Harris emphasized the political bias in the portrayal of Biden’s behavior in the report, advocating for a higher standard of integrity from prosecutors in such cases.

President Biden himself expressed frustration over the report in a broadcasted session with journalists, where he inadvertently mixed up the leaders of Egypt and Mexico. He particularly took issue with the report’s comments on his memory and was visibly moved when disputing the claim that he had forgotten the date of his son Beau Biden’s passing.

Amidst ongoing discussions about the President’s age, especially with the likelihood of facing 77-year-old former President Trump in the upcoming November elections, Biden’s fitness for office remains a contentious topic. Trump and his supporters find in Hur’s report substantial fodder for criticism.

Sams believes the public will see through what he considers inappropriate remarks in Hur’s report, maintaining that Biden acted appropriately throughout the situation.

Despite polls suggesting public concern over Biden’s age for a potential second term, the White House points to his presidential achievements as evidence of his capability.

Following the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, Biden met with Hur. When asked why the interview wasn’t postponed due to Biden’s commitments, Sams explained that the President was determined to cooperate fully.

In his Thursday comments, Biden fervently defended his cognitive abilities and criticized the special counsel for dwelling on his memory during their interactions.