Do You Trust Biden and The Dems with National Security?

Former President Trump lashed out at CBS’s “60 Minutes” following its recent interview with President Biden, criticizing the show for what he perceived as unduly lenient treatment of the current president, especially regarding the escalating situation in the Middle East.

On his Truth Social platform, Trump lambasted the esteemed news program, likening their guidance of Biden to shepherding a “lost child.” He condemned the questions posed to Biden as not only self-answering but also so feeble and deferential that they bordered on being a political donation to the Democratic Party.

Trump further questioned why CBS should continue to enjoy free access to public airwaves for what he deems a blatantly partisan display, accusing them of shielding Biden despite his view of Biden as the “most corrupt and incompetent President” in U.S. history.

This latest tirade aligns with Trump’s growing discontent with media entities he considers favorable to his political adversaries or those he believes report unjustly on his myriad legal and political issues.

His disapproval extends beyond CBS, with ongoing critiques of Fox News for its portrayal of potential 2024 Republican candidates and recent calls for an inquiry into Comcast concerning the broadcasts of NBC News and MSNBC.

In the “60 Minutes” segment, Biden engaged in a comprehensive discussion with reporter Scott Pelley, during which he warned against Israel’s potential occupation of Gaza amidst the conflict with Hamas, initiated by the latter’s recent assault. When Pelley inquired if eradicating Hamas, designated a terrorist group by the White House, was imperative, Biden affirmed this but underscored the necessity for a Palestinian authority and a route to Palestinian statehood.

Trump, despite his criticism, has had multiple “60 Minutes” appearances over the years, including a contentious 2020 interview with Lesley Stahl that he abruptly ended, branding it “fake” and “biased.”