Does The Gag Order On Trump Violate His 1st Amendment?

Biden Campaign Ventures into Trump’s Truth Social Territory On Monday, the Biden campaign made an unexpected move by signing up for Truth Social, a network established by former President Trump and primarily inhabited by him and his supporters.

Embarking on this new journey, the campaign’s initial message on the platform, using the @BidenHQ handle, was a tentative yet open, “Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!”

Not stopping there, they posted a subsequent message showcasing a video snippet of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, openly challenging Trump’s handling of the national debt.

Highlighting the strategic playfulness behind the decision, Rob Flaherty, one of Biden’s deputy campaign managers, commented on the platform known previously as Twitter, “A thing about campaigns is sometimes you just do things for the lolz.”

Fox News was the first to reveal the Biden campaign’s plans to step into Truth Social, a venture Trump initiated in 2021 and officially rolled out in 2022. This move came after his access was revoked by major social networking sites, including the then-known Twitter, in the wake of the tumultuous events of January 6 at the Capitol.

Since his shift to Truth Social, Trump’s presence has been almost exclusive to this platform, amassing a following of over 6 million. However, this number pales in comparison to the approximately 87 million followers he commanded on the platform now referred to as X.