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Court Rejects Trump’s Request for Mistrial in New York Fraud Lawsuit

In a recent development in New York, Judge Arthur Engoron has dismissed a request from former President Trump’s legal team for a mistrial in his civil fraud case. The request was based on allegations of bias from the judge and his main law clerk. However, Judge Engoron, in a detailed six-page ruling, firmly rejected these claims, emphasizing the lack of merit in the accusations.

The judge addressed the criticisms directed at his clerk’s political donations and his own online posts to a school alumni website, which Trump’s defense had brought into question. Engoron stood by his judicial decisions and maintained that his actions had not compromised his ability to preside over the case impartially.

Engoron also highlighted that Trump’s lawyers selectively presented evidence to support their claim of bias. They cited a remark he made during Trump’s testimony but omitted the following sentence that clarified his intent. Engoron asserted that this approach was disingenuous and in bad faith.

Another point of contention was the judge’s sharing of links related to the case on his alumni website. Engoron dismissed these concerns, asserting that such actions did not interfere with his impartial conduct in the trial. The role of his clerk, who was accused by Trump’s counsel of acting as a “co-judge” and making partisan political contributions, was also defended. Engoron clarified that his clerk does not make rulings or issue orders, and that the ethics opinion on political contributions did not apply in this context.

Overall, Judge Engoron’s strong response to the mistrial motion underscores his commitment to fairness and impartiality in the legal process, dismissing the allegations of bias as baseless and lacking context.