Black Trump Supporter Screams at Biden Voters, Demands to Know 1 Thing

Not sure who this young man is, but he is angry, that’s for sure.

And for good reason: this black man is pissed off that his community is quietly waiting in gas lines, and struggling financially. His community is waiting for the 1 million new jobs Biden promised. He rants how everyone in his neighborhood is waiting for a raise in food stamps.

The man storms around the exterior of the gas station where dozens of cars sit waiting for some gas. Proudly wearing a MAGA hat, the man loudly rips Biden voters a new one. He challenges any Biden voter lurking around the gas station to explain why they would want what Biden has delivered.

“What’s going on? This s*** wasn’t going on the previous four years! We were winning! Winning, winning, winning! And now ya’ll are sitting quietly at home! Somebody tell me right now why the f*** you support Joe Biden! Right now!” — unidentified black man in video.


  1. At least that guy tells it like it is , some in Canada know what he’s talking about, it seems we have clowns running our country, they do as they please no consequences, at least not yet, GOOD LUCK TO ALL !????

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