Every Conservative Should Be Very Worried About This New Facebook Warning

Facebook is one of several Big Tech companies that has been accused of censoring conservative users. Now they’ve unveiled a new system to “protect” users from content that Facebook deems unacceptable.

Warnings are appearing on user’s screens, suggesting that they get support for themselves or friends.

Exactly what the “Get Support” buttons do was not clear. Is this simply a way to report your friends for becoming “extremist”?

Facebook was recently accused of not doing enough to stop sex trafficking on the platform. This is what they do instead?

It’s clear that Facebook is pushing its own agenda. Who exactly decides the rules for what content they allow? Certainly not the American government. Facebook has banned multiple politicians.

You have to wonder if this is how the left is doing away with freedom of speech. Get everyone talking on Facebook, then only allow the “right” thoughts out into the world.

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