Everything The Media Told You About India’s Covid-19 Surge is a LIE

According to one man on TikTok, the media has been lying about India’s current COVID-19 crisis.

The media, lying? Shocker.


When your mate says “people are dropping dead in the streets of India” Just reply “DID YE AYE” 🤦‍♂️🤣 #Covid #India #CovidIndia #Lies #fyp #fypviral

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The man says people are not dying in the streets like the media claims.

See for yourself. The media was caught using footage from a 2020 gas leak and pretending it was footage from India’s 2021 COVID-19 surge.

Oh wait. The “2020” footage isn’t even from 2020. It’s from 2011. They’re just reusing it any time someone dies.

Wonder how many times this lady in the purple dress will die before she can rest in peace?