Evil Health Inspector Dances After Shutting Down L.A. Bar Right Before Super Bowl

L.A. Health Inspector

She didn’t even order a drink–but she’s drunk on power.

That’s what it looks like when you see the security camera footage of this Los Angeles County health inspector, who strutted into the Bravery Brewing restaurant and bar to bully the owner into closing his establishment immediately.

As soon as she thought no one was watching, this sociopath did a happy dance right in the middle of the floor. The camera caught it all. See for yourself:

According to Bart Avery, the owner of the bar, this lockdown psycho later said she closed the brewery by mistake. She initiated her closure based on there being no food truck on site. However, because the bar was only selling draft beer to go on that day, the business was not required to provide food according to the California guidelines.

The reactions to this story on Twitter are harsh:

The people of California do appear to be waking up (finally) and are in the process of recalling Governor Gavin Newsom. So there’s that.

Hopefully these draconian lockdown measures will recede as we head into spring.

Here’s a good article that goes into more detail about this story: A Day in the Life of a Brewery Being Crushed By LA’s Ever-Shifting COVID Rules

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